Virtual Collection

The virtual collection features hockey card sets from the main vintage era of 1951-52 to 1979-80 with some extra sets added in along the way.

Each of the sets are well-populated with front and back images with many sets complete. Complete sets have the added bonus of videos included. The image link at the bottom of the page goes to a full listing of videos currently available.

From the menu below, each link will go to a full checklist. From each set checklist, each card is clickable to take you, the reader, to a profile page for that card, featuring images of both the front and back of the card.


1940-41 opc nhl


1951-52 parkhurst nhl


1952-53 parkhurst nhl


1953-54 parkhurst nhl


1954-55 Parkhurst NHL


1954-55 topps nhl


1955-56 parkhurst nhl


1957-58 parkhurst nhl


1957-58 topps nhl


1958-59 parkhurst nhl


1958-59 topps nhl


1959-60 parkhurst nhl


1959-60 topps nhl


1960-61 parkhurst nhl


1960-61 topps nhl


1961-62 parkhurst nhl


1961-62 topps nhl


1962-63 parkhurst nhl


1962-63 topps nhl


1963-64 parkhurst nhl


1963-64 topps nhl


1964-65 topps nhl


1965-66 coca cola nhl


1965-66 topps nhl


1966-67 topps nhl


1967-68 topps nhl


1968-69 opc nhl


1969-70 opc nhl


1970-71 dads cookies nhl


1970-71 opc nhl


1971-72 opc nhl


1972-73 opc nhl


1972-73 opc summit series


1973-74 opc nhl


1974-75 opc nhl


1974-75 opc wha


1975-76 opc nhl


1976-77 opc nhl


1977-78 opc nhl


1978-79 opc nhl


1979-80 opc nhl


1981-82 tcma nhl


hockey card videos





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